About: I make surreal collage paintings focusing on emotion and internal personal logic. Materials such as beads, collage, fabric, wax, and thread help build a blank landscape to frame surreal figures. Figures are given new personas by changing their faces to inanimate objects to expose their innermost thoughts and emotions. Handwritten and typed text is added to each painting. The text for me is when the painting turns into art. It is like the lyrics of a song you can’t stop thinking about or the phrase in a book that rolls around your head for months. The collage paintings are painted, drawn, hand-sewn, beaded, and waxed. The uneven hand-sewn edges extend over the varnished sides of a wood panel. Cold wax is added between the layers of paper to create a milky, soft sheen, and wrinkled surface. 

I only sell original art, never prints to help preserve my paintings' subtle textures and materials.

If you are interested in seeing a larger collection of collage paintings available to purchase fill out a contact form with the request and I will send you additional options.